About us

YILDIZ Foreign Trade was founded in 2004 as a consultant on textile business upon the needs of their customers for upholstery, clothing, accessories and home textile which are mainly in the eastern Europe and Balkan's region and it grew rapidly over the years. Through the extensive range of products and an efficient distribution network, YILDIZ Foreign Trade now reaches many locations in Europe. With a wide network, YILDIZ Foreign Trade has the necessary local knowledge and key global network to meet all your business requirements.

YILDIZ Foreign Trade supplies all kinds of fabrics cotton, silk, satin, jersey, organic, synthetic, sustainable, canvas, jacquard, yarn dyed, knitted, printed and especially denim, also technical yarns, accessories and machinery for the textile industry.

A major part of our sales activity involves the wholesale of ready wear products (Woven & Denim Pants, Skirts and Shirts, Sweaters and all kinds of Knitwear) which can be produced specially for your brand. Along with high quality products, YILDIZ Foreign Trade aims to become your valuable partner for your business which also enables you to improve your net margin with competitive costs.